BR Series

  • MAX BR1 Mini 5G

    Affordable, Long-lasting 5G for Mass Deployments.

    4G connectivity might work fine today, but the switch to 5G is inevitable.Futureproof your network with the latest 5G technology, and keep your network running for many years to come.

    A single SKU for global deploymentsExtensive list of compatible 5G/LTE bands.Native5G NSA and SA modesupport. Private 5G Support Adding devices to your Private 5G network is no longer a hassle. Integration can be as simple asplug and play.

    Have an existing network? Add theBR1 Mini 5Gas a5G adapterwith zero hassle. Need something more? The device can also act as agateway/routerfor multiple WANs.

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  • MAX BR1 Mini (HW3)

    The Ultimate Industrial Grade Connectivity.

    Just one remarkable device

    Engineered with the highest quality build in mind. Sleek outside, yet ruggedized inside, this device has been built to withstand whatever deployment scenario thrown at it.

    Stay in touch with InTouch

    InTouch extends your reach to third party devices connected to the BR1 Mini. Remotely view, configure or troubleshoot third party devices, all within the InControl 2 environment, eliminating the need for a separate and costly OOBM infrastructure.

    Manage with confidence

    Control the BR1 Mini using InControl 2 cloud-based endpoint management system. Generate useful reports and push configurations, as you remotely access any Peplink device with ease.

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  • MAX BR1 Mini Core (HW3)

    Fully Optimized for Telemetry.

    Certified safe for work

    With UL and Class 1 Division 2 certifications, among many others, the BR1 Mini Core is ready to handle demanding setups.

    High Level of Security Compliance

    Designed with strict security compliance in mind, we’ve minimized the number of vulnerabilities by removing the device’s Wi-Fi & GPS components, making it great for networks that require a highly secure connection.

    Full GPIO functionality

    Seamlessly integrate telemetry devices into your network with the BR1 Mini Core’s built-in I/O functionality.

    Wide Power Range

    Supporting a wide operational power range (AC/DC), we aim to make it easy for our users to sync up all their devices with zero hassle.

  • MAX BR1 Mini M2M

    Reliability in a small package.

    Engineered toward Industrial Devices

    Featuring an RS-232/RS-485 serial port, the BR1 Mini M2M is your best solution to bring connectivity to versatile industrial equipment and IoT device.

    Flexibility in Power and Ports

    Power the device with PoE, Micro-Fit or our 4-pin to USB-C power cable allowing for flexible installations and portable deployments.

    Don’t limit yourself to a single device. The BR1 Mini M2M supportsdual serial port Y-cablesfor even more efficiency.

    Instant Connectivity

    Gone are the days of agonizing over which cellular service to choose or needing to manage physical SIM cards. Experience instant cellular connectivity with a subscription to our eSIM-based SFC 5G/LTE data plans. Leave the troubles to us while you concentrate on what truly matters.

    Improved Dual-band Wi-Fi

    Deploy more devices in the same location with no worry of network congestion. Have the option to collect data from your IoT machines from afar, helping admins save time and stay safe.

    Ruggedized and Reliable

    The BR1 Mini M2M is built for maintaining a stable connection while withstanding tough environments, such as factories, power plants and outdoor deployments.

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  • MAX BR1 Pro 5G

    The Classic Goes Sonic.

    Sonic for a Reason

    The ‘classic goes sonic’, why? The BR1 Pro 5G is integrated with the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit speeds. Achieving 8 times faster than the original BR1 classic.

    Why Settle For An Adapter
    When You Can Get The Full Suite?

    5G Adapter

    Need a simple 5G adapter? Add a 5G WAN to any existing router or firewall without the need to replace any of your devices.

    5G Router / Gateway

    Why stop there? It can also serve as a powerful 5G router for your network. No matter if it’s C-Band or LTE, you’ll be able to add cellular connectivity easily to your network.

    Fixed or Mobile

    Supercharged with SpeedFusion, use the BR1 Pro 5G as the central router for your branch network. Guarantee unbreakable connections for important applications, like video calls, POS systems and more.

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  • MAX BR1 Pro CAT-20

    Here LTE gets Sonic.

    Wi-Fi just got better

    Connect multiple devices simultaneously, and experience faster throughput speeds and better bandwidth congestion with the latest Wi-Fi 6, all with less interference. 

    SpeedFusion Ready

    Enable the endless possibilities of SpeedFusion technology just by simply connecting to SpeedFusion Cloud from wherever you are. 

    Performance Boost

    The BR1 Pro has been boosted with a CAT-20 modem which can achieve speeds of up to 800% faster than the original BR1 Pro.

    Hardcore Capabilities

    The BR1 Pro comes equipped with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, making it compatible for your network devices to run at their designated speeds without limitations. 

    Deploy Anywhere

    Certified toughness and wide operating temperatures mean you can just deploy, forget, and enjoy the benefits.

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  • MAX BR2 Pro

    Designed for Pros, by Pros.

    Faster, Wider, Stronger

    The BR2 Pro is not just designed to be tough. Its dual 5G connections, Wi-Fi 6 and PoE input ensure an unbreakable connection in any scenario.

    Peace of Mind

    With so many WAN options, the BR2 Pro can seamlessly failover to guarantee your flow of data, even during the most critical circumstances. The Gigabit routing speed and serial port for OOBM allow versatility for any SD-WAN deployment.

    Oh, So Many WANs

    Complement any SD-WAN deployment with the Dual Ethernet WANs, Dual 5G/LTE, USB WAN, and Wi-Fi WAN. Not enough WANs? Add the MAX Adapter 5G for an instant third 5G connection. Literally, all the WANs to keep you going.

    Secure your power source in mobile environments with the Molex Micro-Fit power connector. Wide input power range along with Ignition Sensing capabilities makes this a sure fit for your vehicle installs.

    Effortless Cellular Extension

    With the PoE input feature, the BR2 Pro can seamlessly extend your existing SD-WAN infrastructure to provide dual LTE/5G connectivity. One cable for both power and data, it’s that simple.

    Running applications just got easier!

    Want to run third party applications directly with your MAX BR2 Pro? Well now you can! With edge computing Docker and Python*, the possibilities are endless!

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  • MAX BR1 IP67

    Outdoor Cellular Connectivity. Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi.

    Ruggedized Single Cellular Outdoor Router

    The BR1 IP67 outdoor router offers an embedded cellular modem in a tough IP67 enclosure, making this the most accessible of our IP67 rated cellular router family.

    Compact Super-Duty IP67 Enclosure

    The BR1 IP67 outdoor router is as small as it is tough. It has a waterproof IP67 enclosure that stands up to dust, vibration, and inclement weather.

    PoE Input

    Cut down on cabling and simplify deployments. The BR1 IP67 supports 802.3af PoE input, so one wire is all you need for both connectivity and power. For non-PoE enabled Ethernet cables, the PoE Injector is available as a separate accessory.

     SpeedFusion Hot Failover

    In case of Wi-Fi or cellular WAN failure, the BR1 IP67 supports Hot Failover between the Wi-Fi and cellular WAN connections, giving you session persistence for uninterrupted productivity.

    Redundant SIM Slots

    Redundant SIM slots with automatic switching for reliable connectivity. You can also set the MAX BR1 IP67 to automatically switch SIM cards when you’re in danger of exceeding a data cap. It also allows you travel across borders without changing SIM cards manually.

    Fleet Tracking and Management

    With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl 2 cloud-based management, you can keep tabs on location and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device.applications.

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Transit Series

  • MAX Transit Duo Pro

    Redefining Pro.

    It’s got the power!

    Achieve non-stop power for fixed deployments or on-the-go mobile deployments with duo USB-C power bank input ports. Equipped with a Micro-Fit power connector to secure your power source, ensuring that your device remains powered on with no outage. Believe it’s got the power!

    Elevate the way you manage SIMs

    Elevate the way you manage SIMs with eSIM support and sophisticated hardware like the SIM Injector. Manage SIMs more efficiently from anywhere, at any time.

    Poor connectivity? No problem!

    A simple connection to SpeedFusion Cloud keeps your connection unbreakable. With intricately placed endpoints globally, it ensures you remain connected wherever you are.

    Running applications just got easier!

    Want to run third party applications directly with your MAX Transit Duo Pro?
    Well now you can! With edge computing Docker and Python*, the possibilities are endless!

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UBR Series

  • UBR Plus

    Affordable, Capable, Always Available.

    75% FASTER

    With a max speed of900 Mbpsand at7.5 timesthe speed of the original UBR, the UBR Plus brings you an unbreakable connection to keep your network running smoothly.

    Sleek and Stealthy

    The UBR Plus features a low profile, rugged design that is easy to deploy in even the smallest spaces.

    Connectivity with Reliability

    Making connectivity reliable has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can protect your streams with SpeedFusion Connect^, and take full advantage of SpeedFusion’s network enhancing features. Or stay connected wherever you go with our on demand data plan, SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE.

    Definitely Tough Enough

    The UBR Plus’ tough exterior makes the device as unbreakable as the connection it provides. Simply set it and forget it.

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