Mission Assurance via Mobile Asset Tracking

Organizations that depend on mobile teams and services have more than just vehicle deployment/status and driver management to worry about. The “payload” of equipment and product associated with the mission is critical to its success. Managing this payload is usually manual, and is dissociated from the vehicle/driver management systems, increasing probability for error and poor performance. Tallymatics’ TruAsset system uses the power of Bluetooth wireless tags, combined with in vehicle Dataminers AVL400 LTE-M Tracker gateways to bring the world of fleet management and mission management together. TruAsset ensures that the right payload is on the vehicle before you set out and prevents loss of assets by notifying when and where an item has gone missing. Fixed locations, such as depots and warehouses are also equipped with gateways, and system wide reports show the historical and current disposition of all inventory. Mission success requires payload awareness, delivered on time by TruAsset Mobile Asset Tracking.

Removes one of your biggest mission exposures

Inventory management is critical for a business, but all visibility, relative control and timely recourse “goes out the door” when your vehicles leave for a call. This is where the “rubber meets the road”, and failure to have the right equipment and material is expensive to redress when the vehicle departs. Everything is in flux, and control is minimal. Matching inventory with the mobile environment is critical. TruAsset bridges the mission environment with your enterprise management systems to give you the results you expected.

Proactive Maintenance and Loss Prevention

Our solution allows you to proactively schedule and track maintenance tasks for your assets. By monitoring usage patterns, performance metrics, and condition data, you can identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring timely maintenance and preventing costly downtime. Additionally, real-time monitoring helps prevent loss or theft by triggering alerts and enabling swift recovery actions.

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