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By aggregating existing hardware, software, and services and customizing them to your specific requirements, our personalized solutions deliver unique solutions tailored to your business needs.

The approach allows you to leverage your current resources while addressing your main issues and achieving your desired outcomes.

Explore the following examples to gain a deeper understanding of how our custom solutions can revolutionize your business.

Project 1

We have developed a customized solution to accurately calculate the quantity of glycol used for de-icing planes and compare it with the recuperated amount, ensuring our client's compliance with environmental standards.

Our solution involves deploying a universal hardware system on the de-icers and building a web portal that seamlessly collects data from these devices.

To establish data correlation, we connect the web portal to the airport control tour database, enabling precise assignment of data to specific planes. Additionally, we establish a connection with our client's system to compare the collected glycol usage data with the recuperated quantity. This integrated approach ensures a robust and efficient monitoring system for our client's environmental compliance.

Project 2

We have developed a solution that enables the 911 dispatch center to seamlessly monitor the fire alert status at fire stations and activate or deactivate new alerts at the respective fire stations. Our solution provides real-time visibility, allowing the dispatch center to stay informed about the fire alert state.

By connecting the dispatch center with fire stations, we facilitate efficient communication and prompt response to emergencies. This streamlined process enhances the overall effectiveness of emergency response operations.

Project 3

We have developed a custom solution that efficiently collects non-standard telemetry information from trains and seamlessly integrates it into the client's GPS solution. Our solution empowers the client to access and utilize comprehensive train data, enhancing their overall GPS functionality.

By capturing and integrating non-standard telemetry information, we ensure a more accurate and comprehensive representation of train activities. This integration enables the client to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and deliver a more reliable and efficient train tracking experience.

Project 4

We have successfully collaborated with a client who required highly precise GPS accuracy in downtown areas to overcome the canyoning effect. Through rigorous testing and installation of various solutions, we have identified the optimal option. Our recommended solution not only provides exceptional GPS precision but is also cost-effective, simple to install, and locally available.

By addressing the challenges posed by the canyoning effect, we enable our client to achieve reliable and accurate GPS functionality in downtown environments.

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