Business-ready 5G fixed wireless, deployed in minutes

Connect all your devices, virtually anywhere and enjoy reliable 5G connectivity without the hassle of complex network management.

Inseego Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE


    Inseego Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2000e

    High gain antennas
    Sophisticated antenna array delivers up to 14dbi gain to achieve longer range and higher all-around data throughput at all distances.

    Fast 5G connectivity
    Delivers fast 5G speeds, higher bandwidth and low latency to more suburban and rural customers.

    Advanced networking and security
    Advanced networking features including Secure Firewall, DMZ, MAC Filtering, IP Passthrough, VPN Passthrough, Manual DNS, Port Filtering and Port Forwarding.

    Device management + Inseego Connect™
    Convenient remote device management capabilities for a single device included, plus tiered upgrade options for advanced device management, monitoring, and diagnostics for multiple devices from a single dashboard.

    Dual SIM, multi-carrier support
    Support for up to 2 carrier SIMs and auto-switching between carriers. Multi-carrier firmware allows the FW2000e to be used on most major global carriers.


    Inseego Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010e (MMWAVE)

    Ultra-fast 5G mmWave
    5G mmWave provides multi-gigabit download speeds for the heaviest data consuming applications on numerous devices.

    Extended network coverage

    High-power 5G mmW radio extends network coverage up to 4.3 miles (7 km) and lowers the cost of deploying gigabit broadband services.

    Advanced security
    Best-in-class security, encryption, and third party penetration testing ensure protection of customer data.

    Device management + Inseego Connect™
    Convenient remote device management capabilities for a single device included, plus tiered upgrade options for advanced device management, monitoring and diagnostics for multiple devices from a single dashboard.


Inseego Wavemaker 5G indoor CPE


    Inseego 5G Indoor Gateway FG2000e

    Boundless performance
    The 5G FG2000 indoor fixed wireless solution delivers breakthrough gigabit-class speeds1 with high performance RF and antenna design using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SDX55.

    Advanced router functionality
    Connect up to 128 devices with dual-band Wi-Fi 6,
    4x4 MIMO, and multiple Ethernet LAN ports up to 5 Gbps for high powered data usage and versatility to fit everyone's needs.

    Smarter security
    Your security is our priority. Connect with confidence with FG2000's OpenVPN and IPsec VPN for your corporate office network.

    Remote management
    Our Inseego Connect platform enables remote configuration of device settings, viewing device
    diagnostics, alerts and much more through an easy to use web interface and mobile app interface.


    Inseego Wavemaker 5G indoor router FX2000e

    5G gigabit speeds
    The 5G FX2000 indoor router provides gigabit-class download speeds1 and supports remarkably fast 4G fall-back at LTE Cat 22 speeds for extended coverage.

    Superior connectivity
    Designed with multiple connection options to meet
    your needs. The FX2000 provides dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and supports up to 30 connected devices, USB, and one Ethernet LAN ports that supports up to 1 Gbps.

    Work from home or distance learning
    Stay connected to the office and classroom using your Wi-Fi enabled laptops & tablets - all on a fast and easy to use mobile connection.

    Secure, private network
    Your security is our priority. FX2000 safeguards your data with advanced encryption, hacker prevention, password protection, OpenVPN, parental controls, guest Wi-Fi network and more.


    Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G indoor router FX3100

    Boundless performance
    High-performance chipset and antenna design provides gigabit-class1 wireless broadband internet capabilities.

    Superior connectivity
    Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 supports up to 64 connected devices, two Ethernet WAN/LAN ports and a USB-C port for tethering.

    Compact and stylish design
    Purposefully designed to minimize the visual footprint and blend seamlessly into any room design.

    Safe and secure
    Advanced security, encryption, and VPN support to ensure protection of sensitive personal data.

    Mobile app management
    The Inseego Mobile™ app provides guided installation to achieve the best performance in the home and remote router management when away from home.




    Inseego Wavemaker 5G industrial gateway S2000e

    Ultra-reliable global connectivity
    The S2000e supports public or private networks and operates on numerous service provider networks around the world. It connects to
    routing systems or remote endpoints with Ethernet or USB. Also the S2000e supports 4x4 LTE + 5G or 4x4 5G + LTE as well as 4x4 LTE or 4x4 5G so you can mantain a dependable connection compared to other devices. With six cellular ports, each port is tuned to optimize efficiency and return loss to provide the best possible RF.

    24/7 Continuous multi-gigabit connection
    Get connected and stay connected. Advanced thermal, WAN and dual SIM management with active keep-alive, ensures your business is always connected.

    Millisecond latency
    Ultra-low latency, unlocked by 5G commercial or private networking, for real time data access and management.

    Industrial-grade hardware
    Proprietary thermal design allows for use in a server room, harsh factory environment or even outdoor enclosures while operating at multi-gigabit speeds. Mounting options vary from desktop to wall, rack, pole or DIN rail install.

    Remote management
    Convenient remote device management capabilities for a single device, plus in-depth remote device management capabilities and diagnostics for multiple devices from a single dashboard with Inseego ConnectTM.


    Skyus™ 160 LTE Gateway

    Plug and Play
    With the Skyus 160 you can easily connect to a 4G LTE network. The two SMA external cellular antennas extend your coverage to enhance your wireless connection.

    Remote Networking
    Skyus 160 provides fast connection speeds for remote branches, pop-up stores, kiosks, self-serve retail, and work and learn from home environments.

    Flexible Deployment configurations
    Access data via Ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi and power Skyus 160 using USB, PoE (power over ethernet), or DC.

    Backup Power Like No Other
    The 4400mAh keeps your business connected for up to 12 hours3 and charges quickly thanks to Quick ChargeTM 2.0 technology.

    Secure and Encrypted
    Skyus 160 safeguards your data with advanced encryption, hacker prevention, and password protection features.

    Skyus 160


Accelerate your deployment with always-on, end-to-end connectivity provided by our portfolio of high performance antennas.

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Inseego Connect

The multi-tiered configuration and centralized device management platform. Inseego Connect gives enterprise IT managers and small businesses a powerful tool to seamlessly operate networks without having to be on-premises. Leverage Inseego Connectfor flexible remote monitoring of device health and status.


    Inseego Connect Basic

    Allows customers to use Inseego Connect free with a partial set of features. Go to (or click the below button) and click "Sign up now" to get started with your free account.


    Inseego Connect Standard

    Primarily focused on monitoring device health and remotely configuring devices.


    Inseego Connect Advanced

    Includes all the standard features plus additional analytics and insights into how devices are being utilized.

    Inseego Connect is the best solution in the market for managing Inseego devices.


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